Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cumbria and POTFEST in the PARK

Wednesday 24th July
Blisteringly hot Cumbria, marquees up stand mostly set up.

Thursday 25th July
Potters from all over the world begin to arrive

Such a fantastic setting for a show

Excellent sales for me, Hooray!
Then some well earned relaxation with a picnic down by the water in the evening sunshine

A couple of days before the next event - POTFEST in the PENS . . .

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Where did my post go to???


Having totally lost the blog I published in the week I have to redo.
After a gap of two years I now find myself doing 2 blogs in a week. As if I don't have enough to do at this time of year.
July was the first firing of the year, pots made from March onwards after recovery from a nasty hernia repair.

Kiln packing, getting loads of pots in.
The results were pretty good, over 200 pieces out and only 4 losses, the big teapot went to America from a commission and cups and saucers had been commissioned by Valentine Clays my long term clay supplier.
Some of the pieces I enjoyed taking from this firing

Next firing packing as tight as possible once again
Pots to look out for . . .

Another successful firing. Over 200 pieces came from the kiln and only 3 losses this time.
Pitchers awaiting beakers to make into drinks sets

A good bunch of Teapots
Some new platters
An alteration to the lid handles on these Casseroles

Plenty of good looking plates from this kiln.
After unpacking it all it was time to put together some sets. 


Now onto the next firing...
Some pots had to be sun dried in a rush to complete the packing

Having got the kiln packed and lit on Saturday morning at 6.45am all seemed well until I heard the dreaded POP! of an explosion within the kiln. Something I haven't heard for about 8 years. I raked remnants of a pot from the burner port, lost at least 20 minutes in the firing time and can see there will be a few losses from this kiln. Hoping those losses are just what I can see through the spy-holes. Cursing myself for risking a couple of pieces which may not have been totally dried out but that's the life of a potter I suppose.
Resulting mayhem may be posted in the week.
 At first it didn't appear too bad but if you look closely there a little dots on the kiln shelves they are bits of exploded pot.
The first sight of the cause of the problem
that had been a16" diameter charger, disintegrated.
All the plates and platters were ruined about 25% of the pots were ok and 20% rescued with a chisel and carburundum stone.
A hard lesson, just shows how even after so many years a moment of stupidity is still possible
Well after two superb kilns a complete and utter disaster! Onto the rest of life.
All the grass cut before two weeks away in Cumbria