Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sunday 29th
 Front of the studio now looks presentable. I got around to chopping the wood that came for free last week plus other pieces that were left out front from the copicing.

The end of January already, time for a break and a change of scenery. A trip to Manchester for daughters birthday so I baked her a cake.
Saturday 28th
The front of the studio looks appaling, not at all a place to encourage visitors to. The weekend weather looks encouraging so it may be tidied up to a state I feel like showing by the middle of next week.

Must get this damn camera sorted, its not focussing properly, I don't always have my glasses on so don't notice the blurry image till it's too late. That's the last concrete laid, what a relief and yes a right mess to sort out in the next weeks.
Friday 27th
Well the day has ended with all the floor and a new step completed. The fire
 was so hot this morning that I added more flooring slabs. It was still burning at 7pm today in the rain.

I had mails this evening from the camp-site in France where I have a mobile home. They have had to take some trees down before they flattened more homes like this one....
Glad that's not mine.

 Shame but this huge tree in the bottom right of the picture is coming down, mine is the white van roof. I am assured no damage was done to the van, but I will miss the birds and the red squirrel who used the tree.

 The decking next door didn't escape unscathed, luckily it is owned by the site, and that is only a branch. 

Thursday 26th
Some clearing up of the old flooring and a bonfire, what a waste of flame (potters will understand that one).
Wednesday 25th
First hiccup a trip for more cement, then, after the part-time job at the school I was offered free firewood ... if I collected immediately! So two trips for that and a skipped lunch ...
At last at half 2 I can get to work.
The last section large and daunting. 
Set out to get all the concreting, apart from a step, completed today. Lifted the last of
the original flooring so all was ready for mixing.

Blurred, sorry but I was tired out after that lot.

Well that is it! Apart from a small area in the corner out of shot. There is some edging to be concreted with a smooth mix. Oh and a step in front of the door to the right in this picture.
Half 6 and cleaning up outside was interesting in the dark.
Tuesday 24th

Some more hard graft.
Monday 23rd

Monday morning and a wander around the garden, snowdrops out and a nice suprise to see a plant that I thought had been lost flowering, not spring but it did lift the spirit on a cold morning.
And so it was back to work.
The view from the entrance on Monday morning.

This marked passing the halfway point, hooray.
Sunday 22nd
First problem was discovering some 'scrote' has been in the studio because I forgot to lock the back door. Missing are a chainsaw, petrol brushcutter and pole saw and my cordless drills curses etc etc, but hope the insurance company plays the game.
I was getting really close them my dog Marti decided to join in.

Anyway I got started with concreting and chatting to walkers as they passed, and the distraction of the heron coming to watch was good.

Almost half way now on the concreting of the showroom floor.
Friday 20th
Had spent Thursday moving more stock so as to be able to concrete another area.
 A vile day wet and windy had 2 changes of clothes got loads done so tired but pleased with the progress so far.
Leaving the shelving fixed to the walls makes life interesting and all the legs will have to be extended when the floor is finished.
Wednesday 18th
Things get moving. The delivery lorry managed to actually drop the second bag of ballast as the crane lift hydraulics burst, its never simple here, luckily it landed upright without spilling and wasn't far from where it was supposed to be.
The first section gets dropped.
Tuesday 17th - morning.
Well its only minus 5 this morning and the concreting of the showroom floor is stopped by non-delivery of ballast and cement because the only lorry that can get over the bridge to here is broken down.
From the front of the studio.
Canal frozen once again.
Friday 13th  
Sorry the pics are a bit blurred, camera problems.

The bullet has been bitten. 
First days in the studio this year.
Well the studio is in a tip after the Xmas push but at least the glazes haven't frozen like last year. Spending most of this month on repairs and thinking about what to do during the year.
With the mild winter the ash copicing is getting done for firewood, even spending time clearing up the garden, basically doing anything but actually making pots.
I should bite the bullet and lay a concrete floor in the showroom I suppose, the wooden floor has given out in too many places now. The life of a potter eh, wouldn't it be nice to win the lottery?
At least I can see the wheel today