Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February 2012

Monday 27th
First sales of the year yesterday, I think I had better get the place organised.

I need to get signage sorted and flyers printed. At least I have made a start.

 The new sign I made for the towpath.
When it's got about 50kgs of scrap clay, some concrete in the base and is sunk a few inches into the ground it might be almost theft proof.
In a few weeks time with some soil in there planted with nasturtiums etc it will look a bit more in keeping.

I spent some of the day clearing debris from the garden. It's amazing what you can see when the vegetation hasn't started to grow and cover things. Planted 5 new fruit trees - three apples, a pear and a cherry.

I thought I would put some pots outside the front of the studio.

These are some sculptural pieces I made for one of the 'Potfest' competitions.

With a bit of luck I will have the place looking like a pottery studio again, and open properly for this weekend.

Sunday 19th
The showroom renovation finished. Shelves will be filled with a decent display in a few days. I think maybe its time for a sale of some description.

I have just finished using up all the laminate flooring that was left over from the house. There was enough to floor a decent amount of the studio area .
 I don't think my studio has ever been so tidy.

In the pre-xmas rush I omitted to empty the boxes from the last show. While I was sorting stock I found this delightful bowl of tomatoes.

Monday 13th
All the flooring is laid in the showroom now. Shelving repaired, walls and cieling painted. In the next few days its polishing, window cleaning and spotting the fixing jobs missed first time around. Then at long last the stock and display can be sorted.
 No I am not fitting skirting!
Let the boxes hide the edges, seems sensible enough to me.

Thursday 9th
Order is beginning to appear out of the choas. At the end of the day it was quite rewarding to look back at a tidy area for a change.
It's amazing how different the place feels now. All the legs extended and the shelves are now level again. I hope to be have all back to what passes for normal in the studio and showroom by March. Then it will be time to make some pots.

All that lot and more to be moved then some painting. With a bit of luck I might get the floor cleared off by the end of tomorrow. Its just started to rain fingers crossed it won't turn to snow.

Wednesday 8th
At last the concrete has dried and I can get the flooring started, I have been giving the place a lick of paint too, have to keep that bit quiet or I'll get roped into some decorating in the house.


 Tuesday 7th
Spoke too soon, big freeze this morning and the frozen snow in the middle of the track is making driving noisy and treacherous. I hope the exhaust pipe holds up, MOT due today.

Sunday 5th
The arrival of 5 inches of snow, very picturesque but a pain to get anything done in the studio, Brrrrr!!!
Outside its just so wet under foot with the thaw already started.
Beyond the studio in the opposite direction.

The way out, one vehicle made it. 

Part of the garden.

First days of February
Spent a few days acquiring more fire-wood from various sources. Now that's all cut, split and stacked for next years burning. Plenty more timber identified for felling but it can wait, unless trees fall across the track.