Sunday, 13 May 2012

April 2012

End of the month and a 3 day show at Capesthorne Hall Craft, Gift & Food Fair in Cheshire. Spent the first two tedious days hoping it wouldn't rain on packing up day. The last day passed quick and overall pulled the show into something reasonable sales wise. May is coming and I fear it will go faster than I need.

Sunday 22nd
Studio production is now in full swing. A couple of batches of teapots begun and plates in the pipeline. Still managing to spend plenty of time in the garden though.

Teapots on the go, spouts in the damp boxes lids to turn and handles to pull.

Tuesday 17th
Back home and can't believe how cold it is still. Burning logs at a rate to heat the studio and work has started. Clay balled up for tomorrows throwing, a glaze sieved and all put ready to go in the morning.
It was a week of mixed weather. Mornings cold with several frosty starts. A couple of days with torrential rain and wind that put a real chill in the air. Luckily most of the evenings were dry and quite sunny, and as you can see some great days for a bracing wander at the coast.
Places to sit and unwind before more lazing about.
Monday 9th
Showery weather warm enough until the wind got up. Went for a wander along a river, found these old wrecks then came back to Le Pouldu and there was a tall sailing shipmaking its way to Lorient.
The old style sailing ship.
Now the serious part of why go to France
The joys off being in such a relaxed environment. I really enjoy cooking but enjoy the eating more. Here are a few examples of my efforts.

Beer battered squid and courgette slices, sat out in the evening sun.
 Tuna, Haddock and Scallop, now that was a nice fish platter.
Barnsley chop - Lamb, and beer battered onion
Friday 6th

The sun goes down with a decent colour boding well for the next day. I was sat outside on the decking taking an essential drop of libation.
Well there is snow back at home so this seems a much better place to be.
It was warm enough to sit in shorts and shirt sleeves in this small sheltered cove, but no paddling.
Tuesday 3rd
Off to France, night time ferry so will be in Le Pouldu by tomorrow lunchtime.

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